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Dentures and partial dentures have come a long way in recent years. Partial dentures can be produced from a variety of materials. Flexible partial dentures have become much more popular of the years.

Valplast is a material in which the entire base of the appliance is flexible. A newer material, ClearFrame, allows a metal-free base with less flexibility. ClearFrame is more rigid than Valplast, but a quality alternative to the traditional metal framework. There are no metal clasps with either Valplast or ClearFrame partials, so they are very aesthetic. The cost of the non-metal partials tends to be less, because the metal used for the traditional partials is very expensive. Hill Country Dental makes traditional partials available, if needed.

It can often be difficult to obtain a great fit with dentures. Our goal is to keep you from needing denture adhesives. Sometimes the use of implants can greatly improve the retention and decrease any mobility you feel with your denture. Frequently we recommend a process called immediate dentures. With immediate dentures, your teeth are extracted and the denture is delivered the same day. This allows you to go on with your busy life, without the worry of not having teeth. Please ask us about the details of this procedure.

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