fillingsFillings: Composite Resinrope

Hill Country Dental Center does not use amalgam (mercury) fillings. For routine restorations after decay has been removed from a tooth, we use resin (composite) fillings.

If you have a broken filling, mercury or amalgam fillings, please discuss resin fillings with us. Old mercury or amalgam fillings can be easily removed and replaced with far more attractive tooth-colored fillings that actually strengthen your tooth beyond the level it had with the amalgam fillings.

If a filling becomes too large for the resin to provide adequate strength and longevity, we recommend a porcelain filling (onlay, inlay, or three-quarter crown). The porcelain fillings are fabricated using the Cerec system and are completed in one visit. We will also have the option of using E-max for these restorations, allowing added strength if needed.

Composite resins may also be used to enhance the appearance and natural strength of a damaged tooth. This is known as a tooth bonding procedure.

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